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Our environmentally and user friendly high performance designs evolve around healthy materials, clean production, energy and cost efficiency.

Innovation, research and a scientific approach are the highlights of our sustainability solutions.

Our team stands out with its interdisciplinary experts and national and international collaborations.


Inspired by nature to create the best living
environments with the least impact on

Environmentally Friendly Building Design

and Landscape Design

Construction Control
and Supervision

Interior Design


Energy Efficiency in
Buildings Projects

Two energy efficient demo buildings designed using the Integrated Building Design Approach by an expert team involving Atelier Ten and Willen Associates lead by Ekodenge under UNDP Promoting Energy Efficiency in Buildings in Turkey Project.


About Seda Yöntem

Ms. Seda (Temizer) Yöntem (M. Arch) is an architect and sustainable design expert with 20 years of professional experience in applied architecture and project management with the focus on energy efficient and environmentally friendly design for the last 15 years. As the founder and manager of the Sustainable Architecture group of Ekodenge she has lead and contributed as a technical expert to high end projects including; high performance building design projects from conceptual design to the preparation of tender documents, research and innovation projects funded by the EU, UNDP and WB, major wildlife parks around the world, awards in national architectural and urban design competitions and sustainability consultancy. Her work experience spans several international collaborations and projects in the EU, China, Vietnam and Azerbaijan.


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